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How much of essential vitamin and any mineral is needed in our body every day?

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How much of a vitamin and any mineral is needed in our body every day and how it works. Vitamins are a unit of organic compounds that our bodies use, in terribly little amounts, for a spread of metabolic processes. It is best to urge vitamins and minerals from ingestion a spread of healthy unprocessed foods. To learn in details about essential vitamins and any mineral scroll it down.

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients as a result of they perform many roles within the body. Eating a healthy diet remains the simplest thanks to getting sufficient amounts of the vitamins and minerals you would like.

Vitamin and mineral shortage-

Your body solely wants a little number of vitamins and minerals each day. A varied diet usually provides enough of every ailment and mineral. However, some folks may have supplements to correct deficiencies of specific vitamins or minerals.

People who might take pleasure in vitamin and mineral supplements include:-

  1. The elderly-
  2. Pregnant women-
  3. People with allergies to particular foods-
  4. Women who are breastfeeding-
  5. Some vegetarians or vegans-
  6. People who drink alcohol-
  7. Cigarette smokers-
  8. People with malabsorption problems such as diarrhoea, coeliac disease or pancreatitis.-
  9. Illegal drug users-
  10. Women with excessive bleeding during menstruation-

There are some Vitamin and Mineral which helps our body from the bad effects-


essential vitamin and mineral

1. Vitamin-B1 (Thiamin) – (2.3 mg- 9 cups rice)-
Nerve failure & Damage Most patients with heart stroke, high pressure, or have a heart problem can be given. The nervous system of patients with diabetes becomes very damaged because they are reconstructed by the B1 Nervous system.

2. Vitamin -B2 (Riboflavin) – (2.6mg- 1 kg chicken / meat)-
Works on Skin. If the skin is broken, the mouth becomes reddish in the face, it is due to lack of B2. Also, due to the absence of Depression & Visual Problem B2.

3. #Vitamin-B3 (Niacin) (20mg- 2 cups of nuts)-
The muscle becomes weak, Diahriah is the problem of depression, B3 helps to form DNA in a beautiful way. Many people are in the absence of B3 due to burns.

4. Vitamin-B5 (Pantothenic Acid) (10mg – East egg potatoes)-
Works nicely on the stomach, nausea is due to the absence of digestion, depression, fever, and B5. B5 works in the immune booster body.

5. Vitamin -B6 – (2mg-3 cups oatmeal)-
Depression, Skin Problem, Confusion ness due to its absence, Confuse of Heart, Heart Beat Faster, Heart Attack’s Risk is More. The disadvantages of breathing are due to the absence of B6 that is small enough to breathe. Immune System Booster.

6. Vitamin -B12 – (9mcg-0.5 cup cheese)-
cell growth, Prevention of nerve problem.

7. Vitamin -C- (90mg -1 orange)-
reduces free radicals in pancreatic antioxidant substances, keeps the lungs fresh, reduces the incidence of cold cough, reduces the chances of cold sores. Increases the immune system.

8. Vitamin -D – (10mg – 100 cups of yoghurt)-
Organizes the bones, teeth, and muscles and combines to absorb calcium in the body.

9. Vitamin -E- (24.78mg-85g nut)-
Keeps the heart and heart-healthy.

10. Vitamin -K – (80 mcg – 0.5 cups wraps)-
Cooperates with bone development and blood clotting.

11. Vitamin -A – (1.71mg -10 dry walnuts)-
Eye and skin work, bone growth and immune system increase.

12. Folic Acid – (400 mcg – 4 cups spinach)-
Build new cells, increase RBC in the blood. Due to the lack of disease of anaemia.

13. Biotin – (300mcg- 30 eggs)-
Prevent hair loss, increase nail beauty, keep skin fresh, reduces LDL cholesterol, type 2 diabetes prevention.



1. Calcium – (200mg-150ml milk)-
Strong bone, muscle contraction, nerve, muscle growth.

2. Iron – (7mg-1 cup lentil pulse)-
Provides oxygen to the blood, creates haemoglobin, regulates brain development, body temperature, muscles, and energy.

3. Phosphorus – (45mg-1 cup cauliflower)-
Helps in the formation of bones, teeth, new cells, and energy generation.

4. Iodine – (150mg-8 eggs)-
Iodine and thyroid gland control.

5. Magnesium – (100mg- 2 cups green peas)-
Strong bone and mood, muscle function, strength, metabolism, heart control –

6. Zinc- (15mg- 200g Dried Seeds of Lauer)-
The immune system, joint, work on tissues.

7. Selenium – (70mcg – 1 cup sunflower seeds)-
Cells and insulin formation, body antioxidants, protective measures, immune systems, healthy heart work on these.

8. Copper – (2mg- 1/2 cup florets)-
Works on the cardiovascular and nervous system.

9. Manganese – (2mg- 0.75 cup sweet potato)-
Measures to build muscle and nerve activity and energy.

10. Chromium – (2mg- 5.5 cup broccoli or cauliflower)-
Glucose levels and carbohydrate, protein, and fat (fibre) metabolism.

11. Molybdenum- (75mcg- 1/5 cups of Matar dal)-
Metabolism and cell work, iron control.

If you get the above-given nutrients you should keep it on your food list every day, which is impossible – then it is worth the cost-so -Eat Hard.

And the amount of these nutrients that you need, you’ll get only one serving – that’s Nutrilite Daily– 1tab Per Day. All the nutrients listed above are available in just one tablet – so this is -Eat Smart.

You can watch the video to know more-

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